What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"The staff are friendly and courteous. They are always there to answer any questions you have. They know their customers by name. They will deliver your prescription right to your door if you can't make it to the pharmacy. This pharmacy is ON THE BALL!"

"The best pharmacy in Pocatello. Fast, friendly service, reasonable prices, and they accept most insurance plans. Plus, they even compound their own medications here!"

"I love this pharmacy! They know my face AND name... I went in and they had my prescriptions ready and waiting even before I announced what I was there for. Excellent job everybody!"

"Awesome to have them in our lives! They know their customers, and they are professional and precise. Thank you MAAG!"

"Great pharmacy! Always ready to help, and will deliver for free!"

"Love MAAG! Been going there for a long time. The pharmacists are always really helpful and great at explaining everything."

"Best pharmacy in Pocatello."

"I love MAAG. If you are a Health West patient, they give you a discount!"

"Good pharmacists."

"There is something about locally owned business... WONDERFUL!"

"Very quick, efficient, and friendly staff. This is the only pharmacy we choose to use for our family."

"Great pharmacy staff... they know you by name, and find you great deals."

"Great customer service, they deliver, know their customers by name, and have better prices. Thank You!"

"I have been going to MAAG's for the last 20 years. They always have answers to all my questions. Thank you to the whole Team at MAAG's!"

"Everyone was really nice."

"Best pharmacy."

"Great people. Caring owner who goes above and beyond the needs of his patients. This business is an A+ in my opinion!"

"They are very friendly and professional."

"Awesome people who care about their customers and the community."

"Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Also, you can find wheelchairs here for rent, or purchase."

"A professional, caring staff are at the heart of this Pocatello landmark. Old school customer service, mixed with a state of the art pharmacy. The best of the best!"

"This pharmacy has been here in Pocatello for a long time. They have kept that 'old world' feeling of great customer service, despite how difficult it has become to get medical services. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!"

"Very friendly staff. No long wait to get my prescription filled."



"Great place!"

"Easy to use for refills."

You can help Maag's by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!